Re: Implementation Query: <MAP> with mixed <AREA> <A> !?

On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Ian Hickson wrote:

> On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Dave Raggett wrote:
> >> And also, what do we render in the place of the image? The alt
> >> text, or nothing? And do we make it a link? A link to what?
> > This is a design choice.
> Well yes, That's why I'm asking... ;-)
> > I would advise giving users the chance to follow the links specified
> > in the area elements, perhaps by showing a popup menu when mousing
> > over or clicking on the icon for the broken image.
> (What icon? When images are broken/disabled, we are following
> the spec and substituting in the alternative text.)

Most browsers show an icon for broken images along with the alt
text. The idea is to inform the user that an image couldn't be
loaded. In the case where the user turned off image loading, a
different icon gives users a cue for manually loading just that

> So what you are suggesting is that we should use the alternative
> text, and make it a link, and on clicking this link, instead of
> going somewhere we should provide the list of targets?

That seems reasonable. You could also implement it as a form
selection menu where you click on a button to see the menu.
> Should we do this when the MAP contains only A elements, but no
> AREA elements? Or should we do this for all broken image maps?

I would think that providing access to all links would be
more appropriate.


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