Murray Altheim wrote:
> The ability to create many varieties of interoperable markup languages
> based on a common framework (XML and its family of specs, XLink, XSL,
> etc.) relies on people abandoning proprietary markup (and in this I
> include a wide array of non-XML Web "features" such as CSS, JavaScript,
> the current HTML linking syntax, etc.) and begin using truly
> interoperable markup. A new baseline for interoperability, a new era
> based on XML, XLink and XSL.

Ouch.  CSS is proprietary markup?  And here I thought I was being
idealistic by pushing for documents that use only W3C recommendations. 
Now I'm supposed to use only XML and it's family of specifications? 
Err. Hum.  Well, since it looks like Spring of 2000 is going to be the
first time one can use CSS1 relatively reliably, maybe I should just
quit writing web pages and come back in 2004 or so when there are
working XSL implementations that behave similarly...

Ethan "mindlace" Fremen
you cannot abdicate responsibility
for your ideology.

Received on Wednesday, 24 November 1999 13:24:17 UTC