CSS will work with the HTML DOM, but not
> the XML DOM, so CSS is proprietary *to HTML*.

I don't think the those two statements necessarily follow!

Actually CSS works perfectly well with XML. Both IE5 and Gecko give
reasonable support for XML and CSS.

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> Ethan Fremen wrote:
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> > Murray Altheim wrote:
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> > > The ability to create many varieties of interoperable markup languages
> > > based on a common framework (XML and its family of specs, XLink, XSL,
> > > etc.) relies on people abandoning proprietary markup (and in this I
> > > include a wide array of non-XML Web "features" such as CSS,
> > > the current HTML linking syntax, etc.) and begin using truly
> > > interoperable markup. A new baseline for interoperability, a new era
> > > based on XML, XLink and XSL.
> >
> > Ouch.  CSS is proprietary markup?  And here I thought I was being
> > idealistic by pushing for documents that use only W3C recommendations.
> > Now I'm supposed to use only XML and it's family of specifications?
> > Err. Hum.  Well, since it looks like Spring of 2000 is going to be the
> > first time one can use CSS1 relatively reliably, maybe I should just
> > quit writing web pages and come back in 2004 or so when there are
> > working XSL implementations that behave similarly...
> There's a debate going on right now within the W3C about the applicability
> of CSS in XML. Some think it suitable for use generally in any XML markup
> language, some think it was designed for HTML and is unsuitable
> I happen to be strongly in the latter camp, as are most of my colleagues
> here at Sun (as far as I know). CSS will work with the HTML DOM, but not
> the XML DOM, so CSS is proprietary *to HTML*. Despite what you might
> read on the W3C site about CSS vs. XSL (the document I'm thinking about
> was written by one of the co-editors of the CSS spec, so go figure), XSL
> is the stylesheet language designed for use with XML.
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