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8.2 GL: possible minor bug report: path Q

8.2 UI bug in WinXP - accelerator keys for menus

<input name="x" type="file"> tag

[Amaya] crash when trying to add a picture

[Announcement] Amaya 8.2

[Announcement] Amaya 8.2-pre

[Announcement] New version of AmayaDoc 8.2

[Moderator Action] Re: Amaya

[Moderator Action] Re: possible bug, Win API?

[Repost] Amaya 8.2-pre still accepts invalid XHTML as valid

A spacing bug in 8.2

aggregation tool

Amaya 8.1b and Win95

Amaya 8.1b question and bug?

Amaya 8.2 pre (Windows XP) - Ctrl+Enter does not work

Amaya 8.2 pre - Browsing Preferences window bug

Amaya 8.2 pre bug: link bug

Amaya 8.2 pre image map creation bugs

Amaya 8.2 pre user interface bugs and suggestions

Amaya 8.2 table bugs

Amaya 8.2-pre still accepts invalid XHTML as valid

Amaya and BibTeX

amaya browser

Amaya bug: user's graphic environment colors

Amaya bug? border-width: percentage

Amaya bug? Modifying polygon image map area

Amaya bug? overlapping Image map areas

amaya build, NetBSD 1.6.1 - tweaks

Amaya for Windows RFE

Amaya opening screen is badly flawed

Amaya Public Release -- Nov 13

Amaya release procedure suggestion

Amaya user interface RFE: Apply and Done buttons

Amaya vs validator.w3.org

Amaya white-space handling

Another bug in pre-8.2

Assigning property values question (possible Amay bug)

Attributes windows behaviour

box sizes still miscalculated

BUG: Anchors in SVG around ellipse and text.

BUG: svg ellipse size not accurate

cascading when background images are used

Client-side image maps bug

compile errors

Compiled Amaya 8.1b on Mac OS X

Date format

Error "Indent" from v8.2 (public) WinXP binary

Error: Indent

Font size scaling in Amaya 8.2

font-size and amaya

font-sizes and amaya

form elements -- css style -- amaya

Fwd: Fw: Amaya page style sheet...

gcc: EDITORAPP.c: No such file


How to add some font in amaya

How to add some font in amaya - ooops!

Install Amaya 8.1b on Windows 95 OSR2?

Join thousands earning huge incomes with eBay!

linking with libThotEditor.lib in Win2K

Major Problem with Amaya 8.2?

monospace typeset is really messed up

more on background patterns

not trapping duplicate id names

Odd behaviour

parser error in both html / xhtml

parsing problems with amaya pre

pending release

pre release not catching all parse errors

pre-8.2 Bug report

Print bug in amaya

Problem building Amaya 8.2 for Windows

Problem with table insertion after an <hr /> element

Problems compiling amaya

Problems when posting an Annotation


RedHat RPM issues with amaya 8.1b

rendering legend and fieldset

rendering of fieldset in pre release

rendering the legend element

RFE - <?xml declaration

rotate and scale

Schedule for 8.3?

Severe bug in amaya 8.2-1

Soft hyphen

Some Amaya 8.2b questions and bugs

Some Bugs in 8.2

spacing issues arround forms

Spanish, German, Finnish and Portuguese transations

still having problem with font-families !!!

strange behavior on this simple table

style cascade problem

SVG doubts and questions

Syntactic sugare in Amaya ( </li>, </p> )

System Requirements for Amaya

Table RFE

testing the mailing list


Two Amaya 8.2 greek alphabet palette bugs

Unable to build Amaya 8.2 on windows 2000

unimplemented css warnings


user interface bug

Using SVG

XHTML 1.1 plus MathML 2.0 DTD question

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