Re: SVG doubts and questions


>> I want to create and insert SVG images in XHTML documents.
>> 1. It is easy to insert <svg> elements in a XHTML document in Amaya
>> the SVG palette), but document does not validate (no doctype) and it can
>> be seen in Mozilla or Internet Explorer. Which doctype should be used in
>> order to have a valid xhtml document?

>There is normally a doctype for XHTML 1.1 + MathML + SVG to validate this
>kind of document.
In Amaya 8.2 (Windows XP) if I insert a SVG element using the SVG palette
the document lost his doctype, and then the document does not validate.

>> 2. Then I create a .svg file using Amaya and I try to insert this file in
>> XHTML document.
>> 2.a. I have tried to use the <object> and the <iframe> tag, but it seems
>> that it a svg file is not allowed in these tags. ¿Is it true?

>Normally it should work with the <object> tag.
If I insert a .svg file with the object tag, the image is shown in Amaya but
the source code is empty (<object></object> and when I save and reload the
document, the image is lost. But if I choose a .gif image instead of a .svg,
image is shown and saved. By the way, the object insertion dialog is the
than the image insertion dialog and it does not offer a *.svg filter.

>> Is there a solution to this problem?

>This solution should work with all browsers.
As I have explained, <object> seems not to work in Amaya 8.2 for Windows
XP. Can you check it?

Best regards,
Bartolomé Sintes

Received on Monday, 8 December 2003 12:38:06 UTC