pre-8.2 Bug report

As always, thanks for the latest and greatest! <smile/> Initial report on 

Typos in the documentation 

"The GTK version crashed when the wants to work with a remote screen."
"user could not 

put the caret (selection) within this empty element."

Otherwise, diffs from last bug report


11. Bug: When I want to click on a fragment in another window, I hit click, 
then  click the target in the other window but the hypertext only contains 
the URI of the other window, *not* the fragment. (This seems to happen
when I'm using XHTML documents without a 'name' but only an 'id'.)


4. Wish: bounce (increase/decrease) the nesting level of nested
lists easily.
5. Wish: A shortcut key for skipping/replacing+next in the spell checker so 
I don't have to rely upon the mouse and compex navigation to quickly move
through the document. Also, using ESC to dismiss pop-up dialogs
8. Wish: Can it open a new window in parallel? If the other window is slow
to load it holds up all of my windows.

Received on Thursday, 6 November 2003 00:19:40 UTC