Re: Amaya 8.1b and Win95

I just installed 8.1b in my W95 laptop and it worked like a charm. No 
messages, no nothing.
The only difference might have been that I selected D:\amaya as the 
target directory instead of the default.
It replaced a 7.2 Amaya that was there.
The ISSET_SE.DLL was not mentioned, nor it appears in my disks.

The version I used is amaya-WinXP-8.1b.exe which is not intended for 
W95. I didn't try the other one.
Juan Lanus

John Russell wrote:
> The distribution page does not mention support of Win 95
> However since version a was able to run on 95 perhaps the
> maintainers will put a pointer to that version for historical 
> purposes (with suitable flags that win95 is no longer supported).
> or if the b version can be patched to work with win95 that would
> be even better...  --
> john russell [those are L's as in LLAMA]

Received on Sunday, 19 October 2003 16:51:02 UTC