Re: Soft hyphen

Hello again,

Lars quoted [HTML4] viz:
>"Those browsers that interpret soft hyphens must observe the following 
>semantics: If a line is broken at a soft hyphen, a hyphen character must 
>displayed at the end of the first line. If a line is not broken at a soft 

>hyphen, the user agent must not display a hyphen character."
>[HTML 4.01 "9.3.3 Hyphenation" 

The key words, as Korpela points out, are "Those browsers that interpret 
soft hyphens..." Therefore it is an implementation's choice whether to do 
anything with soft hyphens at all. Doing nothing, to me, seems to imply 
rendering SHY as just another hyphen with no special interpretation or 

At any rate, I clearly agree Amaya is currently broken, as it changes SHYs 
to something else everywhere, which is pretty much indefensible. If the 
author wants SHY, the author should get SHY.



Received on Wednesday, 3 December 2003 18:30:18 UTC