Re: How to add some font in amaya

Irene Vatton wrote:

> The development of the Amaya user interface is in progress and we are open
> to good suggestions about fonts management.

Almost all font selectors I have seen make you work into a small 
properties dialog. This is cruel, specially for people with biger 
screens. It should be resizable.

I can imagine two use-cases for font selection, the "fast" and the 

The fast one is about somebody that knows exactly what she wants bus 
can't write the full font name by heart.
In this case it would be fine to allow the user to start typing 
characters of the part of the name she remembers with focus into the 
list. THe list should react shrinking itself to display only those font 
names that contain the typed partial text.
Not those that *start* with the typed text but those that include the 
text somewhere in the name.
The user can then shrink the list up to the point where there is only 
one item or where is practical to select from within a few elements 
using the mouse or the KB arrows.

The touristic selection is about somebody looking around for an 
interesting font without a neat idea of what he wants.
In this case the dialog window should be resizable, with a generous area 
  where to show a sample.
Don't use lists for properties that have a few options like (Bold | 
Plain | Foo | Bar), it's much better to use radios, because all options 
are visible at once. You already know this ... :-)
Only: related options are easier to identify when they are clustered 
togwther and equally spaced and aligned.
See Style ==>> Character style ...: The names of the frames would be 
better if slightly bolded, one could spot them much faster. Notice that 
this dialog has a "default" option anywhere, this is very good!
If color is to be selected then use the regular Amaya color picker, for 

If I were to set the priorities, the fast option should be first, then 
the other if ever.
 From a marketing point of view the touristic is a "feature", but you 
can't sell a browser based on it's font selector. Naybe in it's overall 
ease of use.

Well, enough ...
I hope this is useful. Please write me if something is not clear.

Juan Lanus

Received on Thursday, 2 October 2003 11:45:14 UTC