Re: A spacing bug in 8.2

On Wednesday 26 November 2003 06:35, Vincent Quint wrote:
> Yes, Amaya ignores the spaces you mention, but I think it is right
> in doing so. Quoting the HTML 4.01 specification:

Well, that just displaces the problem, as Amaya is the authoring tool 
that creates the text. In particular, it creates this HTML that it then 
ignores, when the <a> elements is within the <strong> element.

If I have this text, which works fine:

              <li>E38.2160 <a
                Embodied in Info/Comm Technologies</a> LEC 3.0 Nissenbaum

and I select this takes and make it bold, it turns it into:

              <li><strong>E38.2160 </strong><a
                Embodied in Info/Comm Technologies</strong></a><strong> LEC
                3.0 Nissenbaum</strong>

and the spaces in the above text are no longer rendered by Amaya -- though they are by other browsers.

Received on Wednesday, 26 November 2003 10:06:46 UTC