Spanish, German, Finnish and Portuguese transations


To prepare the next 8.2 release we need new translations.
Please reply to the list as soon as possible if you plan to do a translation.
We will generate a pre-release early next week and the 8.2 release one
or two weeks later.
Thanks in advance.

-------------------- Spanish translations --------------------
es-amayadialogue:203 **Show applied style...
es-amayadialogue:234 **New Bookmark
es-amayadialogue:235 **New Topic
es-amayadialogue:237 **Import a topic hierarchy
es-amayadialogue.old:203 **Show applied style...
es-amayadialogue.old:234 **New Bookmark
es-amayadialogue.old:235 **New Topic
es-amayadialogue.old:237 **Import a topic hierarchy
es-amayamsg:180 **Generate backup files
es-amayamsg:231 **Selection background color
es-amayamsg:351 **Add ID
es-amayamsg:352 **Remove ID
es-amayamsg:353 **Add/Remove IDs
es-amayamsg:354 **Apply operation
es-amayamsg:355 **Enter an element name
es-amayamsg:356 **Apply CSS
es-amayamsg:357 **Current screen type
es-amayamsg:358 **New Topic
es-amayamsg:359 **Bookmark Properties
es-amayamsg:360 **Topic Properties
es-amayamsg:361 **Topic hierarchy:
es-amayamsg:363 **Recalls:
es-amayamsg:365 **Created:
es-amayamsg:366 **Last modified:
es-amayamsg:367 **Description:
es-amayamsg:368 **Please select an element
es-amayamsg:369 **All CSS
es-amayamsg:370 **CSS style rules applied to the <%s> element\n
es-amayamsg:371 **Blue lines are links activated by a double (or a single) click\n
es-amayamsg:372 **Load objects (object, embed)
es-amayamsg:373 **No style rule for this element
es-amayamsg.old:180 **Generate backup files
es-amayamsg.old:231 **Selection background color
es-amayamsg.old:351 **Add ID
es-amayamsg.old:352 **Remove ID
es-amayamsg.old:353 **Add/Remove IDs
es-amayamsg.old:354 **Apply operation
es-amayamsg.old:355 **Enter an element name
es-amayamsg.old:356 **Apply CSS
es-amayamsg.old:357 **Current screen type
es-amayamsg.old:358 **New Topic
es-amayamsg.old:359 **Bookmark Properties
es-amayamsg.old:360 **Topic Properties
es-amayamsg.old:361 **Topic hierarchy:
es-amayamsg.old:363 **Recalls:
es-amayamsg.old:365 **Created:
es-amayamsg.old:366 **Last modified:
es-amayamsg.old:367 **Description:
es-amayamsg.old:368 **Please select an element
es-amayamsg.old:369 **All CSS
es-amayamsg.old:370 **CSS style rules applied to the <%s> element\n
es-amayamsg.old:371 **Blue lines are links activated by a double (or a single) click\n
es-amayamsg.old:372 **Load objects (object, embed)
es-amayamsg.old:373 **No style rule for this element

-------------------- German translations --------------------
de-amayadialogue:203 **Show applied style...
de-amayadialogue:234 **New Bookmark
de-amayadialogue:235 **New Topic
de-amayadialogue:237 **Import a topic hierarchy
de-amayamsg:180 **Generate backup files
de-amayamsg:231 **Selection background color
de-amayamsg:351 **Add ID
de-amayamsg:352 **Remove ID
de-amayamsg:353 **Add/Remove IDs
de-amayamsg:354 **Apply operation
de-amayamsg:355 **Enter an element name
de-amayamsg:356 **Apply CSS
de-amayamsg:357 **Current screen type
de-amayamsg:358 **New Topic
de-amayamsg:359 **Bookmark Properties
de-amayamsg:360 **Topic Properties
de-amayamsg:361 **Topic hierarchy:
de-amayamsg:363 **Recalls:
de-amayamsg:365 **Created:
de-amayamsg:366 **Last modified:
de-amayamsg:367 **Description:
de-amayamsg:368 **Please select an element
de-amayamsg:369 **All CSS
de-amayamsg:370 **CSS style rules applied to the <%s> element\n
de-amayamsg:371 **Blue lines are links activated by a double (or a single) click\n
de-amayamsg:372 **Load objects (object, embed)
de-amayamsg:373 **No style rule for this element

-------------------- Finnish translations --------------------
 fi-amayadialogue:15 **&Bookmarks
fi-amayadialogue:38 **Set doctype to XHTML 1.0 &Transitional
fi-amayadialogue:41 **Set doctype to &HTML 4.01 Transitional
fi-amayadialogue:177 **Show SVG Library
fi-amayadialogue:178 **Add selection in SVG Library
fi-amayadialogue:179 **XML elements...
fi-amayadialogue:203 **Show applied style...
fi-amayadialogue:233 **Configure...
fi-amayadialogue:234 **New Bookmark
fi-amayadialogue:235 **New Topic
fi-amayadialogue:236 **View Bookmarks
fi-amayadialogue:237 **Import a topic hierarchy
fi-amayadialogue:270 **&Bookmarks
fi-amayamsg:13 **Click
fi-amayamsg:77 **Saving will save following images too?
fi-amayamsg:179 **Enable line-by-line paste
fi-amayamsg:180 **Generate backup files
fi-amayamsg:231 **Selection background color
fi-amayamsg:351 **Add ID
fi-amayamsg:352 **Remove ID
fi-amayamsg:353 **Add/Remove IDs
fi-amayamsg:354 **Apply operation
fi-amayamsg:355 **Enter an element name
fi-amayamsg:356 **Apply CSS
fi-amayamsg:357 **Current screen type
fi-amayamsg:358 **New Topic
fi-amayamsg:359 **Bookmark Properties
fi-amayamsg:360 **Topic Properties
fi-amayamsg:361 **Topic hierarchy:
fi-amayamsg:363 **Recalls:
fi-amayamsg:364 **Author:
fi-amayamsg:365 **Created:
fi-amayamsg:366 **Last modified:
fi-amayamsg:367 **Description:
fi-amayamsg:368 **Please select an element
fi-amayamsg:369 **All CSS
fi-amayamsg:370 **CSS style rules applied to the <%s> element\n
fi-amayamsg:371 **Blue lines are links activated by a double (or a single) click\n
fi-amayamsg:372 **Load objects (object, embed)
fi-amayamsg:373 **No style rule for this element

-------------------- Portuguese translations --------------------
pt-amayadialogue:15 **&Bookmarks
pt-amayadialogue:177 **Show SVG Library
pt-amayadialogue:178 **Add selection in SVG Library
pt-amayadialogue:179 **XML elements...
pt-amayadialogue:203 **Show applied style...
pt-amayadialogue:214 **&Browsing...
pt-amayadialogue:234 **New Bookmark
pt-amayadialogue:235 **New Topic
pt-amayadialogue:236 **View Bookmarks
pt-amayadialogue:237 **Import a topic hierarchy
pt-amayadialogue:270 **&Bookmarks
pt-amayamsg:77 **Saving will save following images too?
pt-amayamsg:179 **Enable line-by-line paste
pt-amayamsg:180 **Generate backup files
pt-amayamsg:187 **Browsing Preferences
pt-amayamsg:188 **Load images (img)
pt-amayamsg:231 **Selection background color
pt-amayamsg:329 **Timeline
pt-amayamsg:330 **SVG Library
pt-amayamsg:331 **Copy option
pt-amayamsg:332 **Copy selection
pt-amayamsg:333 **Refer to selection
pt-amayamsg:334 **Add new model into library
pt-amayamsg:335 **URL of the new SVG file ...
pt-amayamsg:336 **Library title
pt-amayamsg:337 **Library URL
pt-amayamsg:338 **Create library
pt-amayamsg:339 **Browse library
pt-amayamsg:340 **Create or search library
pt-amayamsg:341 **The selection includes no SVG elements. Please reselect
pt-amayamsg:342 **The library title is mandatory
pt-amayamsg:343 **Move the position cursor in edited document to define a new key position...
pt-amayamsg:344 **Key position defined. Move the slider to define animation duration...
pt-amayamsg:345 **Select starting color of element...
pt-amayamsg:346 **Starting color defined. Move the slider to define animation duration...
pt-amayamsg:347 **Select ending color...
pt-amayamsg:348 **Animation defined.
pt-amayamsg:349 **Animated attribute
pt-amayamsg:350 **Element without ID
pt-amayamsg:351 **Add ID
pt-amayamsg:352 **Remove ID
pt-amayamsg:353 **Add/Remove IDs
pt-amayamsg:354 **Apply operation
pt-amayamsg:355 **Enter an element name
pt-amayamsg:356 **Apply CSS
pt-amayamsg:357 **Current screen type
pt-amayamsg:358 **New Topic
pt-amayamsg:359 **Bookmark Properties
pt-amayamsg:360 **Topic Properties
pt-amayamsg:361 **Topic hierarchy:
pt-amayamsg:363 **Recalls:
pt-amayamsg:365 **Created:
pt-amayamsg:366 **Last modified:
pt-amayamsg:367 **Description:
pt-amayamsg:368 **Please select an element
pt-amayamsg:369 **All CSS
pt-amayamsg:370 **CSS style rules applied to the <%s> element\n
pt-amayamsg:371 **Blue lines are links activated by a double (or a single) click\n
pt-amayamsg:372 **Load objects (object, embed)
pt-amayamsg:373 **No style rule for this element
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