Re: Amaya 8.1b and Win95

Amaya User wrote:
> The Amaya Win32 binary was renamed from Win95 to Win98,
> along with the description on the Distribution page, a 
> while back. This was around the time that Micro$oft 
> dropped support for the old OS; but until 8.1b, Amaya 
> continued to install and run fine on Win95.  
> As a C / C++ developer I know that few, if any, useful 
> features were actually added to Win98, so it's unlikely 
>  that Amaya itself really requires any patching. I 
> suspect that the problem is actually with the 
> installer. 
> It would be great if Amaya would support open tools, 
> even under Windows -- including the gnu compiler suite, 
>  and an open-source installer program. That would be 
> more appropriate than catering Mr. Bill's flavor of 
> the month for development suites and OS tweaks. 

I don't know amaya details but I do know that once unix source bundles compile 
and build with gcc and related open tools, then it is fairly easy to port that 
source to all systems for which gcc and the other build tools are available.

One exception is the used libraries. For tools like amaya, most notably the 
windowing libraries. On unix, this is the X11 set and on top of that sometimes 
sets like motif and such. Those libraries are hard to port to M$Windows but most 
of them are somehow ported or such, at least somehow available.

For example the nirvana editor ( That uses the motif librariy. It 
is also available for M$Windows machines, it 'just' needs a motif library.

With the same route, I think it must be possible to get Amayas unix source and 
build that on M$Windows.

But then again, why would hou? the M$Windows source is also available. if you 
have a compiler and such, you might be able to build it yourself.


Received on Wednesday, 15 October 2003 06:31:07 UTC