Re: Soft hyphen

Hi Lars,

Based on the arguments in:

I would suggest you reconsider using soft hyphen at all. But equally, 
Amaya should preserve it as soft hyphen in all positions- better not 
second guess what the author might want. Though whether it chooses to 
render all hyphens as visible, which seems permissible by the standard 
[HTML4], I leave to Irene and her team's discretion.


P.S. The date inclusion function seems to be a mirror of how CVS writes 
(and more importantly, overwrites) dates into source (e.g. HTML) files- 
indeed, the inclusion on the Amaya web page may even be from CVS (and not 
from Amaya), as there are certainly other W3C pages which used it before 
Amaya had the feature, and not all (not many?) W3C pages are edited using 
Amaya. If you really need to localize this, I'd suggest a server-side 
gateway script, because if the format in HTML files were changed in Amaya 
but not in CVS then the interaction between Amaya and CVS would in the 
very least be inconsistent. (e.g. You'd get the Amaya format date after 
you saved but before you committed, and the CVS format date after you 


Received on Tuesday, 2 December 2003 19:36:17 UTC