Hello everyone,

I have just finished teaching a 2-day course on accessible design in 
Portugal, with teaching done by a group of spanish-speakers. As an 
intensive course, being able to use Amaya in Portuguese was extremely 
helpful - we were able to demonstrate many useful features of Amaya for 
testing and improving accessibility very quickly, with documentation in 
Spanish for the teachers (mostly unfamiliar with amaya) and interface 
in Portuguese for the students.

Of course I have many comments and requests for improvement (I always 
do :-) But in this message I would like to say thank you to the 
developers, translators and contributors - using Amaya made our work 
very much easier in many different ways.



Charles McCathieNevile                          Fundación Sidar                      

Received on Saturday, 8 November 2003 08:22:32 UTC