Re: amaya browser

Sorry to take such a long time to respond :(

You need to start X - there should be an application in your 
applications folder.

Then you can open a terminal, and type

/sw/bin/amaya &

For most of the X versions there is a launcher, or similar - a menu 
that starts applications. You can usually add a new entry, with the 
command above, so that you could launch it from your menus when you 
launch X.

hope this is helpful.



On Friday, Oct 3, 2003, at 13:30 Australia/Melbourne, jared hardman 

> I just downloaded Fink and had it install Amaya on my imac following 
> your instructions (  
> There was no indication that there were any errors and Fink says 
> install was complete.  If I search for files including the name 
> "Amaya" some 55 files come up, but I can't find anything that starts 
> the program.  How do I get it to run?
> Jared Hardman
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