Syntactic sugare in Amaya ( </li>, </p> )

While working with Amaya a bit and testing it against other web
editing such as Adobe GoLive, I've noticed that it generates quite a
bit of syntactic sugar, namely the </li> and </p> closing tags.

Or is there some policy of using closing tags at w3c that I should
know about? Since these are not actually *used* by web clients, and
since keeping them correctly matched to their associated <li> and <p>
tags is a practical nightmare if even one of those closing tags gets
lost, and since for other web editing tools those show up as dangling
tags, I'd like to suggest not using them at all in amaya. Deleting
them universally from the source code seems to be a straightforward

 It's not clear to me if this would be a welcome change to Amaya
behavior. I'd be happy to test it myself. But it's not clear to me how
much of this generation of syntactic sugar is in Amaya, and how much
is in the redland package and I should contact those authors and
convince them to not use those closing tags. And if it's not a welcome
change, I won't burn my cycles testing it.


				Nico Kadel-Garcia
				System and Networks Administrator
				Mitsubish Electric Research Lab

Received on Wednesday, 1 October 2003 11:14:16 UTC