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Linux A.out Alpha0.8 startup problem root (Friday, 27 September)

Authentication Catherine.Chat@inria.fr (Thursday, 19 September)

Re: HOWTO debug Amaya install problems (Was : Linux problem with Amaya) Daniel Veillard (Wednesday, 18 September)

HOWTO debug Amaya install problems (Was : Linux problem with Amaya) Daniel Veillard (Wednesday, 18 September)

amaya Exit on Colors Claude Morissette (Tuesday, 17 September)

Linux problem with Amaya Timothy Fossum (Tuesday, 17 September)

[Fwd: Re: Amaya on LINUX-ELF ; startup problem] Claude Morissette (Saturday, 14 September)

Amaya on LINUX-ELF ; startup problem Timothy Fossum (Saturday, 14 September)

when can I get a copy of this? Jennifer Moter (Friday, 13 September)

Image & text Claude Morissette (Thursday, 12 September)

Announcement: Amaya 0.b8 patch release Jose Kahan (Monday, 9 September)

Double-script behaviour Ka-Ping Yee (Wednesday, 4 September)

More Amaya comments Ka-Ping Yee (Wednesday, 4 September)

missing post-HR implicit BR Barak Pearlmutter (Tuesday, 3 September)

Cannot unzip amaya-linux-elf.tar.gz Dr. Carl Wenninger (Monday, 2 September)

PATCH: amaya 0.8 Larry Schwimmer (Monday, 2 September)

Re: Amaya 0.8a BUGs: German umlauts always uppercase et al. Daniel Veillard (Saturday, 31 August)

HPUX port? Neal Becker (Saturday, 31 August)

Font resources Ted Richards (Friday, 30 August)

Linux A.out Alpha0.8 startup problem erlenkoetter_ansgar@tandem.com (Friday, 30 August)

[Announce] Two small files lacking from distribution Daniel.Veillard@imag.fr (Thursday, 29 August)

Amaya resources David Dyck (Wednesday, 28 August)

font size nelson@crynwr.com (Wednesday, 28 August)

Amaya imagemap bug rpt. G. Dillon (Wednesday, 28 August)

Nice html editor Arnaud Taddei (Wednesday, 28 August)

new release of Amaya Vincent QUINT (Monday, 26 August)

Amaya's formatting og <a name="asdf"></a> Arnt Gulbrandsen (Saturday, 24 August)

Solaris version? Programs manager (Saturday, 24 August)

amaya-0.8 binariy for linux Hannes Faestermann (Friday, 23 August)

new release of Amaya Vincent QUINT (Friday, 23 August)

Amaya for Solaris Jan Karrman (Thursday, 22 August)

amaya by a non w3 member. muPe (Tuesday, 13 August)

Solaris version of Amaya Michael Fergusson (Thursday, 1 August)

Crash with Delete Anchor on target Catherine.Chat@inria.fr (Monday, 29 July)

B/W Philippe.Bonnet@imag.fr (Monday, 29 July)

test Jose Kahan (Friday, 26 July)

PREformatted crash Catherine.Chat@inria.fr (Friday, 26 July)

Blockquote / Tables bug. Catherine.Chat@inria.fr (Friday, 26 July)

Amaya crash Catherine.Chat@inria.fr (Tuesday, 23 July)

Saving files remotly with Amaya Catherine.Chat@inria.fr (Tuesday, 23 July)

Lock file Catherine.Chat@inria.fr (Tuesday, 23 July)

Bugs in Amaya 0.8 Alpha Bert Bos (Monday, 22 July)

Crash when opening the Palette (Was: Black text on a black background) Daniel Veillard (Friday, 19 July)

Bug when splitting a DL in 2 Catherine.Chat@inria.fr (Friday, 19 July)

Amaya UL -> DL Catherine.Chat@inria.fr (Friday, 19 July)

Amaya: Relative URL in HREF Catherine.Chat@inria.fr (Friday, 19 July)

Problem suscribing to the list Daniel.Veillard@imag.fr (Thursday, 18 July)

Amaya on Sun? Vincent QUINT (Thursday, 18 July)

any Solaris version? Maurizio Codogno (Thursday, 18 July)

Black text on a black background Gordon Irlam (Tuesday, 16 July)

Amaya on SunOS Utilisateur FNET (Tuesday, 16 July)

More bugs in 8 July release Bert Bos (Tuesday, 9 July)

Just a test Daniel.Veillard@imag.fr (Sunday, 7 July)

8 Jul '96 release: bugs and other comments Bert Bos (Friday, 5 July)

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