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Re: Amaya : Bugs & Questions

From: Vincent QUINT <Vincent.Quint@imag.fr>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 10:42:56 +0200
Message-Id: <199607190842.KAA27163@lifou.inrialpes.fr>
To: Catherine.Chat@inria.fr
cc: www-amaya@hatutu.inrialpes.fr
>  1- In a H3 I wanted to wrote <Insert Sentence> and when I
>  perform a more on the file generated by Amaya:
>  	<H3>&lt;Insert Sentence></H3>
>                                 |
>                                 |
>                           it must be &gt;

No. The entity corresponding to character '<' (less than) is "lt".
Amaya is right.

>  2- If I modify the TITLE of my document, the modification is
>  not saved in the source by amaya.

If you make the change in the Title field, on top of the WYSIWYG view,
you must hit the Return (or Enter) key to validate the change. That's the
same for the Location field: nothing happens until you hit Return.
You may also change the title in the Structure view.

>  3- I have a table built with amaya:
>    <TR>
>  <TD><P>Title</P>
>  <TD><P>Authors</P>
>  <TD><P>Date</P>
>  <TD><P>Status</P>
>    </TR>
>  <TD>      </TR>
>  </TABLE>
>  I wanted to modify : <TD><P>Title</P> in <TH><P>Title</P>
>  So I selected the cell and choose Tables:HeadingCell in the
>  Type menu. Everything is fine in the HTML source but a
>  vertical line appears in the cell under the <TD><P>Authors</P>

That's a bug. We will try to fix it in the next release.

>  Questions:
>  ----------
>  1- Can't find a way to insert a <BR>

Use Control + Return
The <BR> does not appear in the structure view, but it is generated
in the html file.

>  2- Is there a way to view the URL pointed by a link,
>  except by opening the Structure view?

Not in this version, sorry.

>  3- When pasting something from another document, the new
>  element is inserted before the current selected element.
>  A more natural way for me is to paste after the selection ?

Good suggestion.
You can also create an empty element (for instance a paragraph) and
select it, before pasting. The new element is inserted at that place.

>  	-- Cat.		from cat@w3.org

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