Re: font size

Daniel Veillard writes:
 > >I have a 17" 1280x1024 screen.  The base fontsize is a *wee bit* too
 > >tiny for my eyes to read.  Any way to expand it?  I can't see any.
 >   Use the power of CSS. Create a $(HOME)/.amaya.css containing
 > a magnification command applied to BODY:
 > e.g: BODY { magnification : 1 }

Cool.  Works for me.  Thanks!

Some suggestions:

  o You should publish the source as soon as possible.  The more
    people working on the code, the better.  Yes, some people might
    hack on it in ways that are incompatible with yours.  Since you're
    the authors, you have the perfect right to ignore what they do.
    But some people will write good code, donate their efforts back to
    you, and you'll find it useful.  Life is too short to have to do
    ALL your own programming.
  o The bottom scroll bar refuses to go away, no matter how large I
    make the window.
  o I'd really, but REALLY, prefer that the scroll bar scroll the text
    as I move it, and not just after I release the button.
  o I'd like to see Emacs keys for navigating through the document.
  o One thing I really like about PageMaker is that the current text
    attributes are reflected in the state of the buttons used to
    change them.  So, when you move over Emphasized text, the Italics
    button goes down.
  o File menu could use a "Revert" item.
  o Consider not caching anything.  If people want a cache, they can
    point to a caching proxy server, which might even be running on
    their own machine.
  o Consider using helper applications for mailto:, ftp:, gopher:,
    news:, at least in the beginning anyway.

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