Double-script behaviour

Noticed a couple of things while trying multiple
levels of superscripts and subscripts:

  - if you select starting within a subscript and
    ending after the end of the subscript, and then
    request "Style->Character Element->Sub", nothing
    happens in the formatted view.  The selected
    region does overlap a </SUB> end tag, but i
    think it would make more sense to make the extra
    text join the subscripted text, i.e.

the <SUB> quick brown </SUB> fox jumped over the lazy

    My suggestion is that "Sub" would yield:

the <SUB> quick brown fox jumped </SUB> over the lazy

    Why?  Because attempting this kind of overlapping
    with other elements (say STRONG) also "unites" the
    selected text into a single structure element.  In
    this case, since SUB and SUP are not toggles like
    the others, it makes sense for the selected text
    to all become part of the SUB or SUP.

  - as it stands, doing this breaks lines in the structure
    view.  Can someone please explain a bit about what
    this means?  I've seen it happen in several cases
    but i'm not sure what the significance is.  The text
    of one element is just displayed on several lines
    instead of one, within the element.

  - as a separate issue, it would be nice if long lines
    could be word-wrapped in the structure view.

  - i tried selecting something and hitting "Sub" twice.
    It was double-subscripted just fine, but then when
    i try to move the cursor over the result using the
    arrow keys, the subscripted text is skipped.

Further to the structure view:

I tried using the "Character Styles" window.  It creates
SPAN elements when i press "Apply", but the structure
window seems to be missing the blue bars for SPAN elements;
if there are other elements in or around a SPAN, the lines
start overwriting each other, some blue bars break up,
and blank lines sometimes appear.


Received on Wednesday, 4 September 1996 13:49:02 UTC