Linux problem with Amaya

Here is an exchange I have recently had with Claude Morissette
concerning the Linux version of Amaya, which I retrieved within
the last week.  Claude recommended that I post this to www-amaya
to see if there is anyone in the Amaya team that can shed some
light on this.

My first query was:

> > > When I try to execute the binary using the 'amaya'
> > > command in /usr/local/Amaya/bin, the script executes fine and the
> > > THOTDIR variable gets set properly, but the 'amayamain' program simply
> > > returns without (apparently) doing anything: no window, no error msgs,
> > > exit status 0.  Everything is set OK: $DISPLAY is fine, and ldd reports
> > > no missing libraries.  Please advise...
> > > --

Claude recommended that I check whether LINUX-ELF was returned by
MachineType, and my response was:

> MachineType returns a string with "LINUX-ELF" just fine -- I already
> checked
> that.  I changed the 'amaya' script to echo the command about to be
> executed, just at the end of the script:
>         echo "About to execute ${THOTBIN}/amayamain..."
> just to be sure the correct directories and shell variables had been set
> correctly.  Everything looks OK to here, but when amayamain is executed,
> the
> program simply returns without opening any windows or doing anything.
> I'm baffled...
> As far as I can see, amayamain is loading and running properly, but it
> just doesn't DO anything...

Claude then replied:

O.K. I am new in Linux, not a guru, but here is what I would try.

You don't get any message or error output because all that stuff
is sent into space (in "air's time" we say in french :), that is to the
"null bucket" .

Look again at the end of the amaya script where you see 3 lines:
 ${THOTBIN}/amayamain $HOME_PAGE 2> /dev/null >/dev/null &
   ${THOTBIN}/amayamain $* 2> /dev/null >/dev/null &

I would replace the  " 2> /dev/null... " with:

         " 2>airlist & ",  or,  
" 2>errlist & "

for the 2 lines,
to get all the stuff in a file "airlist" so you can read it after.

I assume you are invoking amaya in a xterm in X-Window !

Then, if you find out what went wrong and a solution, please tell
me, I would like to know, of course :) !             


Claude Morissette

My reply to Claude was:

> Alas, redirecting both stdout and stderr to files produces empty files!
> And yes, I am invoking amaya in an X-Window xterm.  Now what...?  (I
> have
> also been careful to set all the permissions correctly, so the
> executables
> are accessible, etc.)

So if anyone on the Amaya team can give some suggestions on this,
I would appreciate it!

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Received on Tuesday, 17 September 1996 04:15:23 UTC