Re: Image & text

>  I have problems (or bugs) with amaya:
>  1- when I try to get an image on the left with text lines to the     
>  right of it. 
>     The same html file works fine when I read it with netscape 3.0
>     but with amaya I loose both the image and the text lines .???

This bug should be fixed in the next release.

>  2- The same file has a few target links between HR or rule lines.
>     Only a text name or heading is given to each. The rest has to
>     be added later. 
>     Again, it's o.k. when read with netscape, but completely 
>     disappear under amaya, all I see are the two HR lines and 
>     blank lines in between.

The problem comes from HTML errors in your document which contains
such structures as the following:

   Some text

This kind of structure is wrong, according to the HTML DTD.
The <H3> tag is not allowed within a PRE element.
As it is not based on a strict SGML parser, Amaya can accept invalid
structures, but it has some limitations. In a future release we will try
to make it accept headings in preformatted elements.

V. Quint

Received on Monday, 16 September 1996 16:39:36 UTC