Crash when opening the Palette (Was: Black text on a black background)

>> One can easily detect whether
>> Amaya couldn't allocate the full set by opening the Color palette in 
>> the Style menu. Each cell should have a specific color allocated. 
>Hmmm, Amaya crashes whenever I attempt this...

  Well I tried to reproduce the bug, but didn't succeeded. On my Linux
machines the palette opens properly, both with a 16 bit TrueColor display
and with a standard 8 plane display. Could you give me more informations
on :

   - the client machine : Elf or a.out, wich version of XFree is installed
     a result of ldd on thot/bin/LINUX-ELF/amayamain (or 
     thot/bin/LINUX/amayamain on an a.out system) would be useful.
   - The Xserver machine if using a remote display, e.g. on a Sun. In this
     case the result of a xdpyinfo could help too.

  thanks for your help,


Received on Friday, 19 July 1996 12:06:14 UTC