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Re: Amaya 0.8a BUGs: German umlauts always uppercase et al.

From: Daniel Veillard <Daniel.Veillard@imag.fr>
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 22:29:52 +0200
Message-Id: <199608312029.WAA12149@praslin.inrialpes.fr>
To: Mark.Sebastian.Fischer@horz.technopark.gmd.de
Cc: Daniel.veillard@imag.fr, www-amaya@w3.org

  Hi Mark,

  since there is a mailing-list dedicated to bugs reports on Amaya,
I will Cc this reply. BTW you can read the mailing-list archive
at the following URL :


>Subject: Amaya 0.8a BUGs: German umlauts always uppercase et al.
>Thank you for developing Amaya. It is great. The Structure View is
>what I have always been waiting for. With WYSIWIG typing in it. Great!
>There are, of course, a few bugs, at least I consider them to be such:
>- - German umlaut characters are always GENERATED in their uppercased
>form, although Amaya displays them right when browsing a document
>generated by some other editor.

  I have just tried to generate them again, and it seems to work !

I have generated lowercase A umlaut by doing :

pressing and releasing the <Alt> modifier
pressing and releasing the <A> key
pressing and releasing the <"> (double quote) key

For the capital one :

pressing and releasing the <Alt> modifier
pressing the <Shift> modifier
pressing and releasing the <A> key
releasing the <Shift> modifier
pressing and releasing the <"> (double quote) key

  Could you check these sequences. Was the umlaut mapped to another char
on your keyboard (like a diacritic) ? I have copied the sequences
available from the X11R6 Compose file :


>- - Closing the last document closes the Application. I consider this a
>bug (it's contraintuitive). Sorry for this comparison, but even MS
>WORD is able to exist without a file to edit.

 This is a difficult point : having an external non editing small
window a la Frameker was in the original design. We removed it but
in this case all windows should be associated to one currently viewed
document. Closing the last document in Word is not a good example,
I really hate this empty space filling my desktop, I do prefer have
it closed and restart the application. However having a small window
around when all documents are closed is not perfect neither. It's all
a matter of taste ...

>- - Sometimes the Structure View is not perfectly in sync with the
>WYSIWYG window. I was typing one char ahead. Waiting a few seconds
>did't help.

  Yes we initially decided that maintaining a strict coherency beween
views was superfluous, you just need to move the cursor to another part
to have the other views reflecting the new value of the text. Since
you're not the only one to dislike the behaviour we will probably enable
full coherency or add a timeout. BTW current CPU are so powerfull that
they are iddle 95 % of the time.

>- - When typing in the WYSIWYG window, clicking e.g. the "Italics"
>button enters italics mode. OK so far. After typing a few italic chars
>one wants to change back to normal mode. Clicking the "Italics" button
>once again achieves this. But you can't go on typing in normal mode,
>because this second click also selects the italic text to become the
>active (highlighted) region. Simply typing ahead overwrites the whole
>(italic) region.

  Noted, the selection handling is not completely perfect, in progress ...

>- - There is no undo.

  Yes, ...

>- - The postscript files generated by printing to a file make my
>ghostview hang on the last page.

  strange, does it print anyway ?

>- - Edit menu: "Select all" button is missing.

  The escape key allows to select the englobing element in the
structure. Since HTML document are often quite flat, this mean that
pressing escape a few times obtain the same functionnality. Adding
buttons is easy but if there is too many of them, it can be confusing.
Is this one really needed ?

>- - In the file- selection box, the File- list doesn't always
>automatically resize on directory changes. Does the directory list?
>Maybe they should also have scrollbars? I could not reproduce this,
>but once I only saw the first chars of available filenames. The box
>should also allow files not ending with ".html", may add a "Filter"

  Concerning resizing, well this seems to be a Motif problem :-( !
Ok for filter, would be nice ...

>- - A document that is a concatenation of HTML documents (i.e. that
>contains another <HTML> section after a </HTML> tag) ends after the
>first part. This is probably intended, but it would be nice to be able
>to concatenate a number of WWW- pages into a single file without prior
>editing, and without losing the notion of different parts, then
>editing this collection and print it as one piece (with continuous and
>contiguous page numbering; great for manuals!). Also literate
>programming could be simpler this way.

  We have already do some experiments on breaking a big dodument
in small fragments, for exemple when exporting Articles documents
in Thot [1] to HTML. Splitting is relatively easy if your document
has a structure where chunks are clearly designed. Problem is having
a good merge functionnality. It needs helps from the used or a
predefined groupping strategy. In the case of HTML designing all the
pages defining for example a documentation can be tedious for the user
and an inadequate auto-fetching strategy could bring you the whole
Web in your document and would require a large amount of RAM :-) .

>Best whishes and kind regards,
>sorry, if I bothered you and there is a mailing list for bugs,

 I have Cc'ed the list, have a look at it.


[1] http://opera.inrialpes.fr/thot/

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