Re: 8 Jul '96 release: bugs and other comments

  Hi Bert,

First note that the mailing list has been changed to be the same
as on

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>>  13. The default font of Amaya is rather small on my system. Can Amaya
>>  be made to support the font-size keywords like `small' `medium' etc.,
>>  together with a configuration option or dialog that sets the actual
>>  size for `medium'?
>To control Amaya font menu size add a line into .Xdefaults file :
>	amaya*FontMenuSize: 14
>To control Amaya default document font size, use a CSS file :
>	$HOME/.amaya.css that includes the following line
>	BODY { magnification: 1}

  This has been part of the CSS specification draft some time ago. It has
been removed since but I think it's useful for user's preferences, so I
maintained it in Amaya.

   See{team, member}/WWW/Amaya/User/CSS.html for the
current status, what's in, what's not.

>>  18. How do I enter characters like &emdash; and &endash;?

   The full ISO-Latin-1 charset is supported except the division
and the multiply characters which are used for the rendering of
OElig and oelig wich are not part of the ISO.

   See{team, member}/WWW/Amaya/User/Keyboard.html for
complete table of key, name and keyboard mapping.

>>  20. The list of classes in the `apply class' dialog is not
>>  sorted.

  What should be the sorting order ? There is no predefined order,
except that HTML and BODY should go first, and an alphabetic one
doesn't seem good. 

   How would you compare ".pinky" (class) and "H1 EM" ? 

>>  22. There is no way to select a stretch of text without the
>>  mouse. Shift-cursorkey is the common method for that.
>Reserved by Netscape for forward and backward

Agreed, that's common use.

>>  23. The latest CSS1 draft (no published yet) allows the style sheet to
>>  be surrounded by <!-- -->, to hide it from old browsers. Thus, the
>>  type for STYLE will become
>>      <!element style - - cdata>
>>  and a style sheet like
>>      <style>
>>      <!-- BODY {background: white} -->
>>      </style>
>>  should be allowed. Currently, Amaya (correctly) ignores such a style
>>  sheet.

>Daniel answer : won't be supported, too uggly !!!

   I just hope it won't become a standard just because of Netscape
old bad behaviour on unknown elements in HEAD 

>>  24. Style rules for classes are saved without a leading dot:
>>      example {...}
>>  instead of
>>      .example {...}

>daniel : ??? was thinking it was working, will be corrected ASAP !

  Yes I am quite surprised ... Will check an correct it !


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