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>  At present, Amaya renders text inside <a name> light green, and if
>  there is no text, it seems to reserve a little space.

Yes. Amaya is an editor and have to show target anchors (light green) and reserve space for 
any empty element.
When an empty element (anchor in your case) exits, Amaya has to allow author
to select it:
	- to insert text within,
	- to delete it
	- to choose this empty anchor as the target of a link.
The better way to do that is to reserve space, even if the anchor is empty.

>  For a WYSIWYG program, this is wrong.  It makes WYS noticeably
>  different from WYG, since other browsers don't reserve any space at
>  all for just <a name="asdf"></a>.  For a good example, look at
> with amaya and either
>  netscape, mosaic, arena or whatever: Amaya breaks the <pre>
>  indentation.
>  I think it would be better if Amaya were to use a single-pixel
>  vertical line to render an <a name> containing no text.

Your example is:
#include &lt;<a name="qlabel.h"></a><a href="qlabel-h.html">qlabel.h</a>&gt;
Why you don't add the name attribute to the not empty href anchor:
#include &lt;<a name="qlabel.h" href="qlabel-h.html">qlabel.h</a>&gt;
It is the better way to have what you want "at the same place a target and a link".

>  This naturally suggests that it should use a single-pixel rectangle
>  around <a name> tags containing text, and I think that's
>  better. People can create green text in HTML content (*sigh*) but they
>  can't put rectangles around their text, so there's less chance of
>  confusion.

But CSS allows users to put rectangles around text and Amaya supports CSS.
The solution should be to have two modes for Amaya: a browser mode and an editor mode.
But I am not sure, it is a better solution. Personally, I don't like modes.

>  I am not on this list, so please Cc any replies to me.
>  --Arnt

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