Re: Black text on a black background

>I just downloaded the alpha 0.8 release of Amaya.
>When it brings up the initial page it appears to be displaying it
>as black text on a black background and so it is unreadable.

  Gasp, seems that you are running out of color cell in the colormap.
The current version of Amaya pre-allocate a number of colors upon
startup and it seems that it wasn't abble to allocate the full set.
Please try to remove concurent applications using lots of colors like
background images or other browsers. One can easily detect whether
Amaya couldn't allocate the full set by opening the Color palette in 
the Style menu. Each cell should have a specific color allocated. 

>This appears to happening to me for all sites I visit other than
>those that specify an explicit background color.
>Hyperlinks to other pages are visible and show up as blue text on
>a black background.  Consequently all I get to see is the occassional
>blue word on a black background.

  This is just a side effect, the blue color was probably one of the
only ones correctly allocated.

>Discounting this, my limited perception of Amaya is it seems pretty
>cool, and once the bugs are ironed out it might be able to give Grail
>a run for its money.


>One question, why isn't the source for Amaya available yet?  And
>could it be made available?  Having source would allow me to better
>evaluate whether Amaya is something Cygnus might eventually want to
>adopt and provide to customers.  (In the past we have been doing
>development work on top of both Arena and SurfIt!.  Neither of these
>has really proven suitable for our long term use due to source code
>quality issues.  The only other alternative, Grail, hasn't been practical
>because the licensing terms have for a long time been problematic.)
>Having the source code to Amaya available, even if only a very early
>version, would give us an incite into this question.  It would also
>make it possible for us to fix bugs and send the fixes back to you.

  As explained in the member Activity page for Amaya,

the source code will be made available in December to the members.
In the meantime we will work on the code, cleaning it, and translating
parts wich are still coded and commented in French.
In october, we will release the code for the HTML/HTTP specific parts
and binary versions of the underlying libraries. You will be able to
evaluate the API and part of the source code at this point, as well as
modifying Amaya for specific needs.


Received on Wednesday, 17 July 1996 08:19:53 UTC