Re: 8 Jul '96 release: bugs and other comments

Hello Irene,

 > >  4. When I edit in the structure view and press the delete or ^D key,
 > >  no other keys are accepted any more until I click the mouse...
 > >  
 > I never see that. Can you explain what we have to do to detect this problem.

It only occurs when you try to change an attribute value (the bold
text in the structure view): put the mouse on a character in an
attribute value and type ^D, no other keys are accepted after that,
until you press the mouse button again. The cursor disappears as well.

There is no problem when deleting a character in the element's content.

 > >  9. There is no <Q> element.
 > I don't know this tag. What is it ?

It was in HTML 3.0 and it is also in HTML i18n. It inserts the
appropriate <Q>quotation marks</Q> for the current language. Arena
supports it, but has a bug that allows a line to break between the
quote and the word; GNNpress supports it, but has a huge bug: it only
inserts the opening quote. Emacs-W3 supports it. Tango supports it
completely, including the language-dependent quotes.

 > >  14. When I move the mouse out of the window, keystrokes are lost.
 > >  
 > Amaya does not grab the keyboard

Still, there is somethig wrong. It also appears to be possible to set
the focus to the main window, then type characters which will not
appear in the main window but only in the structure view, until the
next screen update.

When I put the mouse cursor over a button in the toolbar and press the
space bar, that button will be selected.

When I'm typing in the main view and accidentally move the mouse to
the title field, my characters will go into the title field instead of
into the main text.

It must have something to do with the resource keyboardFocusPolicy,
which is probably forced to `pointer' somehow, since adding it to the
resources with 'amaya*keyboardFocusPolicy:explicit' doesn't have
any effect. It also means that I can't use the tab to change the focus
from one button to the next.

Btw. Amaya doesn't support the -xrm command line option. Maybe it
doesn't call the X toolkit correctly?

 > >  21. The ESC key doesn't select inline elements. Maybe it is more
 > >  consistent if it does.
 > >  
 > ????? It works ????

Ah, it works for all elements except SPAN...

 > >  23. The latest CSS1 draft (no published yet) allows the style sheet to
 > >  be surrounded by <!-- -->, to hide it from old browsers. Thus, the
 > >  type for STYLE will become
 > >  
 > >      <!element style - - cdata>
 > >  
 > >  and a style sheet like
 > >  
 > >      <style>
 > >      <!-- BODY {background: white} -->
 > >      </style>
 > >  
 > >  should be allowed. Currently, Amaya (correctly) ignores such a style
 > >  sheet.
 > Daniel answer : won't be supported, too uggly !!!

I agree, but it is a requirement by the HTML ERB, in order to give old
browsers some protection.

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