Amaya's formatting og <a name="asdf"></a>

At present, Amaya renders text inside <a name> light green, and if
there is no text, it seems to reserve a little space.

For a WYSIWYG program, this is wrong.  It makes WYS noticeably
different from WYG, since other browsers don't reserve any space at
all for just <a name="asdf"></a>.  For a good example, look at with amaya and either
netscape, mosaic, arena or whatever: Amaya breaks the <pre>

I think it would be better if Amaya were to use a single-pixel
vertical line to render an <a name> containing no text.

This naturally suggests that it should use a single-pixel rectangle
around <a name> tags containing text, and I think that's
better. People can create green text in HTML content (*sigh*) but they
can't put rectangles around their text, so there's less chance of

I am not on this list, so please Cc any replies to me.


Received on Saturday, 24 August 1996 19:26:39 UTC