amaya by a non w3 member.


For now I just have to wait to find out the pro of Amaya against
Netscape, untill public release.

But because Amaya is still in a experimental fase I would like to
point out to several OS rudeness Netscape implemented since first
release. In the hope Amaya, will indeed become a user friendly
multiplatform browser.

- No 'pure ms-dos' browsers. PC users have first to run Windows to
be     able for graphical web browsers. This leads to dividing PC users
in two 
  classes..Those who can afford extensive hardware and those (3 world)
  who cannot.

- To big of data size to be quick and flexible (and bugs free). 

- And now Win3.1 has become the 'bitten underdog' OS according to  
Netscape. The Win3.1 version of this program does not support Java 
 applets. Again users must first invest in hardware to stay with the 

Hopefully the Amaya programmers will take note the the World Wide Web 
is more than just software, it's a product for a diversity of people
and computers. And it will be a serious new web browser which will keep
and bring new parts of the world on-line. 


Mathilde muPe

Received on Tuesday, 13 August 1996 20:59:12 UTC