amaya Exit on Colors

When I try to use "Colors" from the Style menu, first I get a window
(grey background) with 2 lines at the top, stating
Button 1 for text ... and  Button 2 for background, or vice-versa.

But then nothing else happens, no colors or palette, etc. 

Many disk access and then amaya exit as if clicking on Exit in the
File menu.
Also I get a "core" file in my starting dir. Just about 11Megs !??

Not readable by "humans" , i.e. ord. normal ones :) !!

Speaking of Exit and/or Close document ... I have had different
response many times.
It simply Exit on Close Document or Exit, OR it does NOT do a thing. To
really exit then I must use the X-Window corner button
and select close or destroy.

Claude Morissette.

Received on Tuesday, 17 September 1996 06:12:55 UTC