PATCH: amaya 0.8

	Hi!  I have a small patch for the amaya startup script and one
question.  The patch is not in diff format since I had to modify other
items of the script in order to set it up so that people don't have to
add another directory to their path.
	Anyhow, the script does not honor -display.

# Add support for -display hostname
if [ $# -gt 1 -a x"$1" = x-display ]; then
    shift 2
    export DISPLAY

near the front of the script fixes this problem.
	As for the question, the release notes say:

	"Other Unix platforms could be supported if required."

I'm not sure what "required" means on your end, but restricting to
Linux cuts out a very large chunk of the UNIX community, including
the majority of the machines here.

				Larry Schwimmer
				Distributed Computing Operations

Received on Monday, 2 September 1996 02:33:01 UTC