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modal dialog, NVDA and Firefox Roger Hudson (Tuesday, 22 December)

Final Call for Papers W4A2016 Greg Gay (Tuesday, 22 December)

How the W3C Text Alternative Computation Works Bryan Garaventa (Monday, 21 December)

Windows 10, oh boy found it. Wayne Dick (Monday, 21 December)

Windows 10. Did Windows finally decide to abandon adjustable fonts for applications? Wayne Dick (Monday, 21 December)

Re: let's bump to 10mm from 9mm Patrick H. Lauke (Friday, 18 December)

The clickable problem Wayne Dick (Thursday, 17 December)

Fwd: Error Handling Best Practice? Alistair Garrison (Thursday, 17 December)

Event Listeners Accessibility Question Jim (Wednesday, 16 December)

UAAG 2.0 and UAAG 2.0 Reference published as W3C Working Group Notes Jeanne Spellman (Tuesday, 15 December)

Please fill in survey? Karl Groves (Tuesday, 15 December)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Online Information Accessibility Design & Policy (IADP) Certificate Program Gunderson, Jon R (Friday, 11 December)

Re: Question about disabilities education resources Elizabeth J. Pyatt (Thursday, 10 December)

SC 1.3.1 and virtual columns Oscar Cao (Tuesday, 8 December)

Re: Turnitin questions Elizabeth J. Pyatt (Tuesday, 8 December)

Job with Tenon.io Karl Groves (Friday, 4 December)

Media Accessibility User Requirements Working Group Note published Michael Cooper (Thursday, 3 December)

Call for Review: Digital Publishing API Mappings First Public Working Draft Michael Cooper (Thursday, 3 December)

Call for Review: WAI-ARIA Graphics Module First Public Working Draft Michael Cooper (Thursday, 3 December)

Call for Review: HTML Accessibility API Mappings updated Michael Cooper (Thursday, 3 December)

How do assistive technologies handle icon fonts? Michiel Bijl (Monday, 30 November)

About image sliders ajaysharma89003@gmail.com (Monday, 30 November)

ARIA Problem Batusic, Mario (Tuesday, 24 November)

Second Call for Papers W4A2016 Greg Gay (Monday, 23 November)

Call for Review: Digital Publishing WAI-ARIA Module 1.0 Working Draft Michael Cooper (Thursday, 19 November)

Call for Review: Updates to WAI-ARIA 1.1, Accessibility API Mappings, and WAI-ARIA Practices Michael Cooper (Thursday, 19 November)

Call for Review: How to Meet WCAG 2.0: A customizable quick reference Shawn Henry (Tuesday, 17 November)

Fwd: OZeWAI 2015 registrations still open Andrew Arch (Wednesday, 11 November)

Participants needed for *paid* usability study Sharron Rush (Tuesday, 10 November)

Call for Papers W4A 2016 Montreal Greg Gay (Wednesday, 4 November)

looking for a list post? Karen Lewellen (Tuesday, 3 November)

Save the date: AccessU 2016 / May 10,11, and 12 /Austin, TX Sharron Rush (Tuesday, 27 October)

Recommended FOSS CMS for accessability? Tord Dellsén (Monday, 12 October)

Your Amazon.com order confirmation for www-forms@w3.org Amazon.com (Wednesday, 7 October)

aria, SVG, browsers and bugs Chaals McCathie Nevile (Tuesday, 6 October)

Tips for Getting Started with Web Accessibility Shawn Henry (Thursday, 1 October)

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