Braille Re: How do assistive technologies handle icon fonts?


I poked a bit at the braille representation from VoiceOver - this is  
easily available in the VoiceOver utility, although there are many options  
which means it is likely to be somewhat variable.

I don't know windows-based systems nearly as well, but perhaps others do.


On Tue, 01 Dec 2015 07:37:10 +1000, Michiel Bijl <> wrote:

> Jemma and I are doing some accessibility testing on icon  
> fonts—especially Font Awesome—and how assistive technologies handle  
> them. I’ve setup a GitHub repository called Font Awesome  
> <> (because we initially  
> targeted that specific library; should rename it). I’ve already added  
> one test example and some test results, but suggestions for more  
> examples (ways to fix the issue of icon fonts being announced weird), or  
> test results for existing tests, or even tips on how to display test  
> results properly; it’s all welcome!
> —Michiel

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