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> Hi,
> I have just plunjed into the world of accessibility so please forgive if  
> I sound novice.

Actually, you hsould be worried about whether people who are not novices  
sound like they know everything. Because none of us do.

> Now problem is that, I am working on a project which is a website that  
> shows a big image slider. The images convey important information both  
> in textual and non textual form, and this slider is inaccessible.
> My question is that is there any standard technique to make it  
> accessible and if is it okay to make it accessible by hiding the entire  
> slider div by aria-hidden and rendering the info in simple text, that is  
> hidden from sighted users through css, without changing the layout of  
> the site?

I suspect the answer is that this is not accessible.

The problem here is making the content accessible to people who have  
*limited* vision, and no screen reader. (In most of the world, that means  
more than people who have a screenreader). And people who have pretty good  
vision, and a keyboard.

> Kindly let me know the best thing to do to get it aligned with Level AA.

I'm afraid I'm not that worried about how to meet level AA specifically -  
just the principle of making things "reasonably accessible".

But I think your answer is going to involve looking at the code that makes  
the slider, and at making the text alternatives discoverable. You might be  
able to do that without changing the layout - or not much - but I doubt  
that the solution here is just to rely on ARIA.

As already noted, without knowing the details - code, etc. - it's hard to  
provide very specific useful guidance.


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