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I realise I'm coming to this discussion rather late but I just wanted to
say that I collected some links about this topic at
(The site is work in progress, though).

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On 12/10/2015 14:58, Tord Dellsén wrote:
> Hi all, this is my first message on this list
> I'm helping a non-profit organization with their website, and the
> organization works with people with various disabilities and different
> languages than that of the country where the org. is based (Sweden)
> We are now looking for a FOSS CMS to use for creating the new website
> and i'd like to ask you all if you have any recommendations for what
> we can use?
> So far i've been thinking of are these options: Wordpress, Drupal 8,
> Joomla
> Also, when searching through the email archives here i found Contao
> What do you think of these options? Are there others you can recommend?
> Again here's what we are looking for:
> * Accessibility
> * Support for multiple languages (including RTL)
> * Free open source software
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> Tord
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