RE: modal dialog, NVDA and Firefox

From: Roger Hudson [] 
Sent: 22 December 2015 19:51

“The site has a number of pages with links that trigger modal dialogs. The
modals seem to work fine with the keyboard in that focus goes to the dialog
content when it opens and stays in the modal until closed with either the
close button(s) or escape key. And they seem to work fine when tested with
NVDA 2015 and JAWS 16 screen readers using Firefox or I.E.

Now several modals contain data tables (with captions and TH for column and
row headers). When JAWS was used with either browser, the standard keyboard
command for moving around table content (ctrl+alt+arrow) worked as expected.

However here’s the problem, with NVDA and Firefox, when attempting to use
these commands to move along rows or up/down columns, the modal dialog
immediately closes and focus returns to the underlying page.”


This is a puzzle! Can’t promise anything useful, but some thoughts...


What happens with NVDA in IE with one of these table modals? 


What happens if you use the NVDA table navigation commands in Firefox, but
without NVDA running? I realise this isn’t going to be typical behaviour,
but it might shed some light on where in the stack the problem is happening.


Something else that might help show where the problem is happening, is
forcing NVDA to pass the table navigation commands back through to the
browser. The command is the NVDA modifier f2, followed by whichever table
navigation command you want.


Is this behaviour happening on different machines? I know from experience
that sometimes an issue is specific to a certain machine/configuration, and
can’t always be duplicated even on near identical setups.


I realise yu can’t link to the code directly. Is there any way you can
isolate an example and share it somewhere perhaps?




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