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RE: Recommended FOSS CMS for accessability?

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Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2015 16:15:32 +0300
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If you want simplicity and are familiar with HTML/CSS/PHP choose wordpress, since it can give you more leverage to creating custom structures that accessibility requires. 

For multilingual support including RTL choose polylang (it’s not the best solution but it’s the best free/open source solution).

For accessibility you would have to implement your own strategy which would be compatible to the WCAG standards . There are some plugins, but I prefer to get my hands dirty for those situations.


If you are depending on Drupal, I think you should postpone your plans until January, since in November the new Drupal (v8) would come out which is remarkably changed from the last versions. Drupal is a good choice for mostly large and organized sites (I am not excluding wordpress for those too) but there are more experienced people in Drupal who can help you with scaling your website.


It all comes down to what complex structures you have planned on the website.


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From: Tord Dellsén [mailto:tord.dellsen@gmail.com] 
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Subject: Recommended FOSS CMS for accessability?


Hi all, this is my first message on this list


I'm helping a non-profit organization with their website, and the organization works with people with various disabilities and different languages than that of the country where the org. is based (Sweden)


We are now looking for a FOSS CMS to use for creating the new website and i'd like to ask you all if you have any recommendations for what we can use?


So far i've been thinking of are these options: Wordpress, Drupal 8, Joomla


Also, when searching through the email archives here i found Contao


What do you think of these options? Are there others you can recommend?


Again here's what we are looking for:

* Accessibility

* Support for multiple languages (including RTL)

* Free open source software


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