RE: Error Handling Best Practice?

While not specifically about mobile -- I wrote on a blog on error messages last year that encapsulates what has been discussed here.

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A proposal - for error notifications on small screens.

1) Form data validation occurs on form submission.
2) Post submission, the <label> associated with each form field found to contain an error is altered to include the text "Error:" (as per W3C Tutorial).
3) A sentence is placed at the beginning of the form summarising "the following <named> form contains <x> number of errors".
4) The user's focus is set to this sentence.

This allows screen-reader users navigating in and out of focus to find the form fields with errors.

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On 22 Dec 2015, at 17:24, Alistair Garrison wrote:

I've just found this. Which might hold what I'm looking for.

There's also, it's just not focused on best methods for small screens.

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On 22 Dec 2015, at 17:00, Alistair Garrison wrote:

I cannot use aria.  The range of devices popularly supported when making mobile apps rules it out.  No red herrings - I've been very clear from my first message asking for "old school" success story solutions.


On 22 Dec 2015, at 16:45, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:

On 22/12/2015 16:34, Alistair Garrison wrote:
Thanks for the suggestion. It's really the where and how to present the
error message that I suppose I'm searching for - be it:

So your dismissal of aria-describedby earlier in the thread is a red herring then, as that attribute can be used to tie the error message programmatically to the form control - it's orthogonal to where/how to present the message (as it's not a hidden attribute or anything, like aria-label)...

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