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FW: WebDAV URI Scheme - http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2518.txt Jim Whitehead (Friday, 30 March)

FW: Why not an encapsulation for DAV over standard HTTP 1.0 or 1.1 without required server extension ? Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 27 March)

RE: [Moderator Action] Webdav Jim Whitehead (Friday, 23 March)

FW: [Moderator Action] webdav Jim Whitehead (Friday, 23 March)

FW: [Moderator Action] Webdav Jim Whitehead (Friday, 23 March)

Why MKCOL/PUT can't automatically create ancestor collections? Steve K Speicher (Friday, 23 March)

DAV's Web page in French Paul Delannoy (Wednesday, 21 March)

Mod_dav Build Wang, Pin-Chieh (Tuesday, 20 March)

FW: DAV:supportedlock in IIS, was RE: Bug in WebDAV draft of April 1, 1998? Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 20 March)

LOCK of resource in non-existent collection & 409 response Dan Brotsky (Tuesday, 20 March)

FW: The prospective future of WebDAV Jim Whitehead (Monday, 19 March)

Retrieving the lockdiscovery property from a non locked resource Hartmut Warncke (Thursday, 15 March)

FW: OASIS -- Security Assertions Markup Language (SAML) Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 13 March)

Security and WebDAV Max Elander (Friday, 9 March)

DAVers guide to the Minneapolis IETF Jim Whitehead (Friday, 9 March)

FW: Problem w/ Web folder components Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 7 March)

RE: webDAV - web authoring or flexible two-way web interface Connelly, Stuart (Tuesday, 6 March)

Updated issues list Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 6 March)

FW: webDAV - web authoring or flexible two-way web interface ? Jim Whitehead (Monday, 5 March)

FW: cgi-client for DAV Jim Whitehead (Friday, 2 March)

trouble connecting to IIS5 from OS X PB Benn, Paul (Friday, 2 March)

unlock question Pill, Juergen (Thursday, 1 March)

UTF-8 Encoding Question John Glavin (Wednesday, 28 February)

Clarification on DAV server enforcing locks for PUT Steve K Speicher (Tuesday, 27 February)

Preliminary agenda for WebDAV WG Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 21 February)

Loosing teeth over APACHE 1.3.17 NewsNet2000 (Wednesday, 21 February)

Schedule information for Minneapolis IETF Jim Whitehead (Monday, 19 February)

Status of draft-ietf-webdav-redirectref-protocol-02.txt etc Julian F. Reschke (Monday, 19 February)

FW: Copying a file from local computer to the server Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 14 February)

Re: lock tagging Jason Crawford (Tuesday, 13 February)

OPTIONS Kevin Wiggen (Tuesday, 13 February)

Re: [dav-dev] Ampersands in file problem using win2k Greg Stein (Saturday, 10 February)

IETF-50 I-D submission deadline Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 7 February)

WebDAV WG meeting at Minneapolis IETF Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 7 February)

Properties, ETags and versions Lisa Dusseault (Wednesday, 7 February)

Question for the XML gurus Brian Morin (Monday, 5 February)

[OT] webdav.org sponsorship Greg Stein (Thursday, 1 February)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-webdav-status-00.txt Internet-Drafts@ietf.org (Tuesday, 30 January)

Frontpage and webdav Serge J. Goldstein (Monday, 29 January)

Only one more week for the DeltaV Working Group last call! Geoffrey M. Clemm (Thursday, 25 January)

Semantic Web Agreement Group Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 24 January)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-webdav-acl-04.txt Internet-Drafts@ietf.org (Monday, 22 January)

WebDAV Delta-V Working Group Last Call Jim Amsden (Saturday, 20 January)

New XML Media Types RFC Jim Whitehead (Thursday, 18 January)

Please help with this WebDAV dialect Gerbert Orasche (Thursday, 18 January)

FYI: Formation of Web Intermediaries (webi) WG Jim Whitehead (Thursday, 18 January)

WebDAV security through IIS Mac McCusker (Thursday, 18 January)

Re: trying to collaborate .shtml files using WebDav with windows 2000 server Tim_Ellison@uk.ibm.com (Wednesday, 17 January)

Tahoe server (now Sharepoint) with regards to event sinks Mariano Delle Donne (Tuesday, 16 January)

RE: trying to collaborate .shtml files using WebDav with windows 2000 server Clemm, Geoff (Tuesday, 16 January)

trying to collaborate .shtml files using WebDav with windows 2000 server Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 16 January)

lock-token Schlee Stefan (Monday, 15 January)

Fw: FW: WebFolders on Intranet Stewart Hersey (Wednesday, 10 January)

Office 2000 read-only Jeremy Bach (Monday, 8 January)

webdav help Jamil Kassam (Wednesday, 3 January)

DAV conformance tests Erik Hatcher (Wednesday, 3 January)

RE: FW: WebFolders on Intranet Gerbert Orasche (Tuesday, 2 January)

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