Re: Office 2000 read-only

Jeremy, Jim et al,

MS folks correct me if I'm way off base:

Isn't Office 2000 security integrated to a degree with the Internet Options control panel.

Perhaps the issue is not with Office 2000 functionality, but with the server's inability to set cookies on your client.

Make sure to check your Intranet Security settings and check the boxes to accept and save cookies.

Since you don't think that this is a problem, and, it probably isn't, you ought to eliminate the possibility completely by opening
up your client machine security wise.

If you are successful, and the files are writeable and can be saved back to the source directory, you can lock it down little by
little, testing each time.

So much for Stewart's grasping-straw idea.


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Hi Jeremy,

Well, I took a quick look at your protocol trace, and nothing obvious
immediately jumps out at me.  Your lock timout value seems a little high,
but is less than 2^32-1, which is around 4 billion, if memory serves me
well.  It's possible Office doesn't like the timeout value to be too far off
the 120 seconds it requests (although I doubt it, since I have heard of
other people changing this timeout value without any trouble). You're also
not using a status phrase (the "OK" in "HTTP/1.1 200 OK") in the lock
response, but this also shouldn't make any difference. One grasping straw
idea is perhaps Office defaults to read-only if the <isreadonly/> property
isn't set (you're returning 404 for them).  But then why would Office try to
lock the document in the first place?

Anyone have any ideas on Jeremy's problem?

- Jim

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> I am following the RFC-2518 WebDAV HTTP protocol to implement WebDAV for
> my web server. So far I am able to have webfolders connecting to our web
> server via WebDAV on a Windows NT platform.
> However the problem I am having is that Office 2000 keep opening
> documents
> as read-only therefore not allowing me to save directly. I have made my
> web server provide a successful lock to the document I want to open and
> still no luck.
> I have sniffed the traffic between Office 2000 and my web server and
> compare it with other working WebDAV server. The comparsion shows no major
> differences except for cookies being set which I don't think is the
> problem. Also I have try to match the response of other WebDAV servers
> working successfully with Office 2000 and still don't know what else is
> needed for my web server to work.
> Does anybody know why Office 2000 is always flagging my documents to
> read-only?
> Any help/ideas will be greatly appreciated. Attach is a log of my web
> server interaction with Word 2000.

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