Re: Loosing teeth over APACHE 1.3.17

We use Apache 1.3.17 (on solaris tho) here with mod_dav i assume thats
what you mean ?

we allow some of our users to "publish" and use WebFolders to manage
some of the files...
I had a problem a while back with the DAV database file beeing owned by
the wrong user, this caused a similar problem... "Dav locks could not be

Hope this helps,


NewsNet2000 wrote:

> I cant seem to get APACHE 1.3.17 Linux to allow WRITING. Ive searched
> the web and despite a few HOW-TO's, I cant get webDAV to work
> write. Has anyone experienced the same with APACHE?Is there any good
> sites for setup for ISP's? Thank you in

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