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I am a QA Engineer from Engenia Software, Inc.  Recently, I have performed
some tests on WebDAV using different version of IE 5.0+  w/ the following
OS: Win 98, 2000, and NT.  I had came across some problems.  I hope your
team can help me.  Below are my test steps, results and questions.

Thank you,

Test Steps:
1.  Setup a WebDAV server
2.  Setup Web folders for each desktop computers.

Test Results:
Computer #	OS	IE version		Comment
-----------------	------	---------------------------------
1.		98	5.0.2919.6307		Pass
2. (laptop)	98	5.0.2919.6307		Fail -- Looking for Web
Folder components
3.		98	5.5			Pass
4. 		NT	5.0.2919.6307CO	Pass
5.		NT	5.0.2919.6307CO	Fail -- Looking for Web Folder
6.		NT	5.50.4522.1800		Pass
7.		2000	5.0.2920.0000		Pass

For the computer # 2 and 5, I can open a file, test.doc (MS Word 2000
document), in Web folder, but I can NOT open this same file thru IE browser.
Below are the messages that I got:

		IE Install on Demand
		To display this page correctly, you need to download or
install the following components:  Web Folder.

I have upgraded one of the computer above from IE 5.0 to IE 5.5.  After
upgrading, I no longer has this problem.

It seems like the computer # 2 and 5 are missing Web Folder components.
1.  Do you know what components that I am missing?

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