[OT] webdav.org sponsorship

Hi all,

Historically, webdav.org has been hosted at my hosue over a T1 in
Washington, and a DSL connection here in California. Last October the DSL
went down, and I'm still waiting on PacBell for a new one (don't ask). In
the meantime, webdav.org has been running temporarily at an ISP where a
friend works.

For longer term stability, I've been considering a move of webdav.org to a
real hosting facility. I've already had a couple offers for rackspace and
bandwidth, but I am missing the hardware. Thus, this query...

I'm looking for somebody to sponsor the purchase of a 1U rackmount Linux
server. In return, I will gladly place a logo and link from the webdav.org
homepage. The link can be to a sponsor page on webdav.org or directly to
wherever you'd like.

If anybody is interested and would like to discuss this some more, please
send me private email at gstein@lyra.org.

Thank you,

Greg Stein, http://www.lyra.org/

Received on Thursday, 1 February 2001 18:44:22 UTC