RE: [Moderator Action] Webdav

Hi Meyyappan,

These are issues with the WebDAV implementation of one vendor (Microsoft),
and are not an issue with the protocol itself.  This mailing list is only
for discussions of the protocol.

I recommend that you contact the vendor directly concerning these issues.

- Jim

Meyyappan Somasundaram writes:
> In Webdav , when I click '+' to expand a folder, not all the subfolders
> always appear. Often, it's only the folders that I have visited in the
> right-side of Windows Explorer that show up on the left-side, under the
> parent folder.
> is there any soolution for this

> Webdav  doesn't behave like Windows Explorer. The folder icon does not
> when double clicked on it. It is confusing because the user wouldn't know
> which folder he/she is in in.
> is there any solution fro this

Received on Friday, 23 March 2001 11:32:18 UTC