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Indeed, Mac OS X will ship with a WebDAV client file system.  A
preliminary version shipped in Mac OS X Beta.

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> Subject: [Moderator Action] The prospective future of WebDAV
> Good evening from Paris,
> I am working on the draft of an article that will handle the 
> future interoperation of systems and protocols on the Internet. 
> Concerning DAV, my specific question is... Windows and the Office Pack 
> are already integrating Web Folders and WebDAV as a network based file 
> handling system, so growing it to a fully functional File System is 
> the next natural step. Are there trends or is there any incipient 
> project sketch for the integration of DAV as a *nix transparent file 
> system like NFS or SMB? Should this be done, the maturity of the DAV 
> protocol and its spreading among the user community could be greatly 
> augmented.
> Comment or criticise, but please make a CC to
> Thank you,
> Daniel Bodea

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