WebDAV security through IIS

Hey Peter, 

Do you have any background information on file and directory permissions on
WebDAV. Do permissions have to be specified through IIS or does the virtual
directory inherit the permissions of the file structure?.

I havent found too much on the MS website...but I might be looking in the
wrong place...can you point me in the right direction? 

thanks again for all your help. 

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> Interested in getting in touch with any companies that are using WebDAV on
> their Intranet.

We are using WebDAV in our Intranet for all files.

Most of the files are in XML and edited trought the intranet with

Files of outher types (powerpoint, word, excel etc) are aloso edited
over webdav either with webfolders or with 
the Documentor client as ActiveX plugins.

We have our own archive; ExcoConf with webdav support. We also use a
little Exchange 2000 server.

Even the source code is edited directly in the archive wia WebDav.

We can also edit the files when working at home over webdav.

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