Re: trouble connecting to IIS5 from OS X PB

The Mac OS X, webdavfs has been updated.  It now actually sends
a PROPFIND body a request the specific properties that
it is interested in and thus sends the  content-length as well.  I think
there is still one case with a bug, however.  Does anyone know of
a public IIS5 webdav server that I can test against ?

- Clark

On Friday, March 2, 2001, at 02:45 PM, Benn, Paul wrote:

> Perhaps this is an OSX-ism which will be fixed when it is released this
> month..??
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> But in 2616/4.4 (which discusses how to determine the length of the 
> body),
> the
> only way I see to infer that no body is present is to know that the 
> message
> MUST NOT have a body (e.g., if it's a GET request or a HEAD response), 
> or
> else
> to see that the server closed the connection after the message (does not
> work
> for requests).  So I think IIS5 is probably within its rights to require
> Content-Length: 0...though I personally would have written it to be more
> forgiving, and assume that no Content-Length: and no Transfer-Encoding:
> implies
> no body.

Clark H. Warner
CoreOS File Systems Engineering

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