Only one more week for the DeltaV Working Group last call!

If there are any changes you would like made before the WebDAV
versioning protocol is sent to the IESG for proposed standard status,
now's the time to suggest them!


Here are the current set of proposed changes to the last call version
of the WebDAV versioning protocol:

- Section 1: Delete 2 sentences about working resource and workspace
  options (Mark).

- Section 2.3: Remove the DAV:version property (Geoff).

- Section 7.5: Fix typo: is -> its (Mark).

- Section 10: Rename "baseline selector" to be "version-controlled
  configuration" (Geoff).

- Section 10.6: Rename DAV:baseline-comparison to be
  DAV:compare-baseline (Geoff).

- Section 14.2: Fix precondition name to be
  DAV:cannot-delete-default-variant (Tim).

- Section 23.1: Make DAV:comment and DAV:creator-displayname value a
  string (Eric).

- Section 23.5: Add a note that the DAV:expand-property report
  extends the property DTD's by allowing a DAV:response node wherever
  a DAV:href can appear (Greg).

- Section 23.5.1: Add missing DAV:href tags (Greg).

The results of these changes can be seen in:

Received on Thursday, 25 January 2001 18:28:06 UTC