RE: redirect references resource bodies (draft 02)

> However, the content of this document seems to indicate that the redirect
> draft will change drastically (when the next comes out), for instance it
> seems that MKRESOURCE will go away completely and will be
> replaced by MKREF.
> Yes, I am aware of the fact that Internet Drafts are work-in-progress.
> However, I am currently adding experimental redirect ref support
> to a WebDAV server and would like to get some opinions about what's the
best way to
> proceed:
> a) use draft 02, taking clarifications from the issues list where
> feasible,

This is my recommendation.

> b) implement a vendor-specific method (which then would be replaced by
> whatever the next draft defines)?

Please don't!

> Or is there a preliminary version of the next draft which could
> be used as a better implementation guideline?

There is not, at present, another draft underway.

- Jim

Received on Wednesday, 28 March 2001 22:28:48 UTC